Business forest

We are convinced that many business owners want to create a world that is a healthy place for all. Among them are the innovative thinkers who become famous as change makers. You don’t need to be famous though to be a change maker!

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who care about the world and its future, we ask you to support our endeavors to help others to create a better world, a viable world.

The first step is to plant as many trees to create bio-divers forests as we can. Part of the money we receive from donors is spent on awareness projects to help people to find the facts and the ways to become change makers themselves and contribute to a viable existence of the human race on this planet.

We would love to have a lot of Tree of life donors who plant trees weekly/monthly/yearly. This way we can be independent and continue our work. You can choose to plant any number of trees, there is no minimum. We want as many businesses as possible to support us, this way our story will get out there in the world.

For your business it’s great because you can show your clients you’re that change maker who is contributing to a better future for all and restoring the eco-system.
It makes it easier to get tenders with Dutch and European authorities and you’ll be ready for the changing market. So it’s good for business in more than one way……and for companies paying taxes in the Netherlands: your donation is tax deductible.

You can fill out the form below and start creating your forest right now.

You can also combine your support with the Christmas gifts for your employees and relations.

We hope you will join us, because we’re planning to conquer the world ……. in a nice way!

Start Your Business Forest here!


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