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It’s that time again: a group of major economic players have gathered again in Davos to brainstorm with each other about the future of the world and all its inhabitants.

However, it seems that nature is finally being heard by the participants in the forum. The fact that she is gradually making it clear that her health is directly linked to the health of the economy and human survival, will undoubtedly be the cause of this.

The participants say they would like to invest in the preservation and recovery of our planet. A good idea, if it also puts an end to green-washing and all the fragmented messing around that stand in the way of a holistic and accelerated transition towards a healthy future.

Tree of life is a holistic program that enables an accelerated transition, which can be copied in different countries after the first set-up. Every entrepreneur and citizen can contribute to this and initiate a regeneration of ecosystems.

We have to get to work immediately to ensure that ecosystems can start the regeneration process in time. Nature can continue without us, but humans cannot live without nature. To limit the damage to our health and the economy, we should start our integrated program today.

A program that regenerates ecosystems, restores forests, stimulates economic and energy transition, restores social connections, promotes food sovereignty and health, and changes our way of living and working. Everything with respect for nature and the future.

The plan is ready for implementation. The team is ready. So the participants in Davos can connect in no time to start regeneration immediately. Not next year or next month…..but now.

For implementation, we need a few large companies to support the kick off and also 1% of the population who save three Trees of Life per month. As for smaller companies we ask to convert a small part of their turnover into direct implementation of our program.

Wake up and participate via Restore the Planet or the monthly savings program!

Larger partners can contact Onno van der Kuip for an Exclusive Partnership.

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