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Tree of life


With only 5 euro per Tree of life you will restore the planet and change the world!

3 Trees of life Trees of life monthly


is the new way of caring for our future.
It’s a savings program that enables everyone, big or small, to invest in our planet’s future.

Our program is accessible and simple. Your deposit: Trees of life. Return on Investment: A healthy planet and future. On this website you can create an account starting with three Trees of life (15 euro) and save up to an entire forest.
Up to you.

Just remember that you’re never too small to make impact and change the world.

Tree of life has an integrated program to regenerate nature, build communities and bring people together to make the difference!

If you feel like we could do better restoring nature you might care to help us do just that. Our team of experts needs your support to be able to continue and improve our programs.

You can support us one off with one of the Restore the Planet packages or monthly

We spend your contribution as follows:


Click for more about Tree of life.  Tree of life Program

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