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Kodkod Foundation


With only 5 euro per Tree of life you will restore the planet and change the world!

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We were already working on this for some time: a close co-operation with the Kodkod Foundation. We share the same passion, have the same vision and methods and our co-operation can accelerate many projects to regenerate nature.

We are delighted with this final decision to join forces to keep the planet safe for all living beings.

In Chile the Kodkod Foundation stimulates the co-operation between farmers, conservationists and a mini-cat threatened with extinction that lives in the forests of Chile and Argentina: the kodkod. Wherever this very shy nocturnal lives, there can be no logging. This makes this small creature very powerful in protecting our planet.

The founders of the Kodkod Foundation are experts in ecosystem restoration so we are very proud to announce we have decided to co-operate in every field necessary to regenerate the ecosystem.
The Kodkod Foundation is active in Chile and The Netherlands.

Contributions to Tree of life directly benefit the Kodkod Foundation!

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