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With only 5 euro per Tree of life you will restore the planet and change the world!

3 Trees of life Trees of life monthly


How it works
Saving Trees of life

You help us by opening a Tree of life account and start saving Trees of life. With this contribution we plant trees in degraded landscapes. At the same time you support our international team of experts and local communities who work to regenerate the ecosystem.

You can save Trees of life one off or monthly.

Restoring Nature

This is a matter of bringing knowhow, experience, passion and means together to create an integrated approach to regenerate the ecosystem. Segregated solution methods aggravate the issues created by the destruction of nature. Our international team of experts has the knowhow to regenerate ecosystems by following the holistic rules of nature.

Supporting People and Planet

By supporting local communities with education, jobs and stewardship over their own environment, we ensure sustainable ecological health for all. We believe in creating healthy ecosystems and healthy societies.

Integrated Approach

The image below shows the integrated approach we believe is necessary to create healthy ecosystems. Our team specialises in the regeneration and restoration of ecosystems as a whole. Fact is that we can only achieve this by respecting the holistic and integrated laws of nature.
If we would omit one aspect of these natural laws we would not regenerate the ecosystem, we would aggravate the damage that is already done.

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