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Questions and Answers

With only 5 euro per Tree of life you will restore the planet and change the world!

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There are frequently asked questions. Here you will find some of them with their answers.

How many trees have you planted?

Mid-2019, a total of more than 100.000 trees were planted. Of these, nearly 19.000 were crowdfunded by our fans. The rest was pre-financed by us, so we have already planted quite a wood.  Yet not all trees we have planted will survive. Generally about 75% of the seedlings become trees. This seems a 25% loss, but it isn’t. When the trees are ‘mature’ they get ‘kids’. We don’t count those seedlings, but in the end there are many more of them than those that didn’t survive the firts years.
Many of those seedlings will used to restore other forests. Which means that more seedlings will survive.

Why did you start in Togo?

Thanks to the earlier GoTogo project, a very large area was already available to restore the forest.  There was also an entire network of experts to protect the restored forest.
In addition deforestation is even worse in Africa than in Europe. Restoration of forests in Africa has many positive effects. It’s good for the global climate, but also very important for the global economy and the health and living environment of Africans. Large areas in Africa have become unlivable due to the destruction of forests and ecosystems. Because of this people have no other choice than to seek refuge elsewhere.

How much of every Tree of life is spent on the restoration of forests?

Of every 5 euro per Tree of life 1 euro is spent on the restoration of forests. The rest of your contribution is spent on developing and implementing the integrated program to regenerate the ecosystem.

With how many are you?

The GreenTeam and the Supervisory Board together consist of 20 people. Everyone with their own speciality. This includes experts in the field of program and project management, marketing, ict, finance, education, economy, agriculture, welfare, permaculture and restoration of ecosystems. In addition to this ‘core’team and a growing group of partners there’s also a growing network of experts in all areas of our integrated plan to regenerate the ecosystem.

Why do emphasize the holistic vision?

This holistic vision is the basis of our integrated plan to regenerate the ecosystem. This is only possible with an integrated approach. Symptom control is the greatest danger to nature. A fragmented approach is symptom control and damages nature even further. That’s why we have a different approach. We prefer to work a little harder and grow a little slower than to aggravate the situation.

If you have a question for us, please contact us!

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