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With only 5 euro per Tree of life you will restore the planet and change the world!

3 Trees of life Trees of life monthly


Foundation Het Kan Wel! follows Foundation GoTogo. This organisation was also founded by Pauline Versteegh in 2000. The goal of this initiative was to help 25.000 refugees and displaced persons to build a new future in their own region in West-Africa.
Together with the government of Togo Pauline designed a holistic program to change despair into hope and possibilities.

It became a great success while most people said it was impossible to change the situation.

That’s why we think there is always a way ……. if we really want to.

The beauty of it all is that the same people who needed help before became part of the new initiative and join us in the regeneration of the ecosystem.

By now more than 100.000 trees were planted in the same region to restore nature.

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