Create Your Forest

With Create Your Forest you can participate in our program Tree of life as often as you want, whenever you want………there’s no monthly subscription, while you still make a difference by helping us to restore ecosystems worldwide.

We work together with experts and our team is completely dedicated to the restoration of ecosystems and communities through a holistic approach. Nature can’t be cut up in little parts of political issues, nature is a complex and comprehensive system necessary to keep us all healthy. We need to restore this planet to be able to sustain our future.

So join us and become a member of our Tree-community by starting an account of trees. The trees will not be owned by anyone, they are for the world. We just want you to be able to know how many trees you’ve contributed. With each contribution you will receive a digital certificate with the number of trees. You can even give trees as a present and have the certificate made for someone else.

Some people contribute trees for their children or grandchildren. So start your forest here, using the buttons representing different packages. The buttons redirect you to the check out, where you can pay safely. You will receive your certificate within three business days.

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Create Your Forest 30 Create Your Forest 40 Create Your Forest 50

Thank you so much for making a difference by restoring nature and our beautiful planet!

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