Tree of life is about more than planting trees…..it is about restoring the ecosystem, the social system and about awareness.

Tree of life is here to help the planet and people who want to do the right thing but who just don’t know where to begin.

Beginning is easy: help us to restore the ecosystem in a region that needs trees badly to turn around climate change worldwide. Hardly anybody understands that many natural disasters, hunger and the migration of people originate from the destruction of forests and the ecosystems in Africa, Asia and South-America.

The beauty of nature is that we get a second chance and the ecosystem can be restored. If for example all Europeans would plant one tree a week and we change our habits a bit, we can turn things around……as long as we plant indigenous trees in a healthy and real forest. Plantations make things worse and are in no way forests.

Tree of life plants original trees in Togo (West-Africa) to recreate the forests. Part of the € 5,00 you pay for each tree will be used to teach people how to protect the forest and how we can change our lifestyle to protect the future. Often it’s more simple than people think.

So we ask you to plant one (or more) Tree of life a month to restore planet earth.

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